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Google ads allows your business to promote your products and services via the Google Ads that are displayed when your clients search for you, or what you do, online. There are a maximum of four ads at the top of the page for any one search. It's easy to appear somewhere in the results but it takes a highly skilled online expert to ensure your business is in the highest possible position while paying the lowest amount per click possible. Our highly trained staff ensure you recieve the most clicks for your budget.

So how do we ensure you receive the most for your budget? We are differant to most companies that offer Google Ads. We look at the whole solution which includes your website, something that is often left out of the equation. The way your website is setup and optimised effects your positioning in Google and how much you pay per click. Before we start your Google campaign we offer a free review of your website and idenitfy improvements to make sure your business receives the best possible return on your investment. As our service is very unique please call us to find out more.

Why Sleek Websites to manage your Google Campaign?

  • Website analysis to identify any improvements
  • Full monthly reporting which will detail how many clciks you are receiving and also how your website is performing
  • Research and recommendation of keywords to target
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancements to make sure you receive the best possible return on investment
  • You determine a monthly budget that suits you which can be changed on a monthly basis
  • No lock in contracts or cancellation fees
  • Dedicated account manager

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